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At teds, we are proud to be part of the greater Fort Wayne community.  We have a new BeerCAUSE Saturday, where we support charitable causes and fundraisers on Saturdays in the beer hall.  We started this by offering $2 of every pitcher to a charity.  But we want to do more!  We get lots of requests for donations - so we thought we would donate some space to your fundraising events!

We will turn over our PAVILION area in the beer hall to the event from 1p-5p (Saturdays only for now).  The pavilion can hold 25-30 people, but you should think of that as your event area, and try to fill the beer hall with interested parties.  Because that is how you win!

Please note: This is NOT for simply setting up a table and handing out brochures, or for selling cookies/popcorn/etc.  Those things are better left to the malls and super-centers.  This is for fundraising events.  So be creative.  The form is below.

Why is this going to be awesome?? What is your plan to make it a FUNdraiser? Also - tell us about your charity. Why will people be interested. Help us decide - and help us promote the event too!
When do you want to host the event? *
When do you want to host the event?
Must be on a Saturday. We are currently limiting to 1 per month, until we see how well these are received.
If you are open to other dates - that helps. Let us know!
How many people are you able to reach? We will have about 100 guests that naturally visit on Saturday, but this is not all about us!
This is your baby. How many people will you have working it?
Besides the space (and tables), what do you need from us to make you successful?
Got a URL? Put it here. It will help us to share it out!
Charity/Cause Address *
Charity/Cause Address
If we have to send you something...where should we send it?
Best Contact Name *
Best Contact Name
Best Contact Phone *
Best Contact Phone
Are you a registered Not for Profit (501(c))? *
We do give preference to local charitable (not for profit) organizations over national or non-charity organizations.
If so, tell us when, where, and how we supported you!

Thanks again!  We will be in touch regarding your request.