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the beginning.

Welcome to the new teds market website!  We hope that you will find it to be a bit more exciting (and more informative) than our previous site.  This is just the start of what will be a busy couple of weeks as we prepare to (finally!) open our doors to the public.  There is still a lot of work that needs to happen – we need to finish construction, get our proper permits, hire a staff, and train everyone on making food the teds market way!

Our goal at teds market is to make and sell great food – not fancy food or complicated food, but simple dishes and simple ingredients.  We hope that our small size and limited selection can help to simplify some of the craziness that has crept into buying food and eating well.  At teds market, we want to carry a good variety of products, and we will definitely be doing some serious cooking.  If you like to go down rabbit holes, we might nerd-out with you on some topics from time to time (like debating Chemex vs French Press coffee), but our goal is to stay grounded in solid, straightforward food.

Please look around the site, and if you like what you see, like us on Facebook – www.facebook.com/tedsmarket. If you would like to see something added or something changed, then let us know that as well. We can be reached at feedback@teds-market.com.

With this change, we will start posting more information on the market itself, including some details on the great food products that we will be offering.  We will be updating our hiring information as we fill existing positions and new positions become available.  And if you make (or grow) great food that you would like to sell at teds market, you can reach us at info@teds-market.com. 

We look forward to an exciting spring!