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Calling all food lovers!

What does it take to get a job at teds market?  Well, it really takes three things: 

1)     Love food.  We love food at teds market.  We love making food, we love eating food, we love talking about making and eating food.  Our goal is to continuously get better at food.  This comes from testing recipes, practicing techniques, and refining our skill.  It comes from studying recipes, cookbooks, food blogs – we love them all.  At teds market, we try to stay grounded in simple, delicious food.  But that does not imply we cannot love crazy ingredients and elaborate preparations.  And while those styles make not make their way into teds market, we take pride in pushing our knowledge and learning new styles.  The goal is to embrace food, experience new foods, and always be willing to share great food with others.


2)     Love serving customers.  Beyond the food, the customer is really what teds market focuses on.  We must to be willing to cater to the needs of our friends and neighbors who shop at teds market.   Serving customers may be as simple as smiling at everyone who walks through the door, but it also includes ensuring that they feel at home in our store, they know how to prepare the foods they are buying, and that they feel comfortable asking questions.  We will not be perfect, and those times when we mess up, we need to have the confidence to admit our mistake and the ability to correct it.  The customer is our reason for being.

3)     Hard work, team work.  Restaurants are hard work.  Grocery stores are hard work.  A market that sits somewhere between a grocery and a restaurant is very hard work!  If we do not work hard, as a team, then the whole thing collapses.  There are shortcuts out there.  Many places take them.  From frozen dough to pre-made and pre-cut everything, other places cut corners to cut costs and cut labor. At teds market, we will have a different approach, firmly grounded in our beliefs.  We believe there is a market for quality.  Quality take effort and teamwork.  We are willing to step up to that challenge.

If you can bring the above qualities to teds market, then teds market can be a great fit! 

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