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Thank You!

Thank you again for coming out to see our little market this weekend!  We were amazed at how many people showed up to visit with us, and check out the digs.  As you probably noticed, our market is a bit unconventional.  We are small (very small).  We like cool, somewhat different foods - but also having a base of familiar, comfortable foods.  We strive for quality, and will work to be more consistent in putting out great food.  

Admittedly, teds market is a work in progress.  Would we have loved the A/C to be working correctly? You bet.  Same with the cheese case.  But those will be fixed.  And then we will still not be 100% perfect.  And honestly, we really never want to be finished, as there should always be something we can improve, change, or adjust.  We love to tinker, and we really love projects!  We also love feedback on how we can improve.  Because, even though this is our passion, we want to share our passion with you.  Together as neighbors, we can build an even more awesome place to shop and hang out.  

As fair warning - the next few days maybe "interesting", as we check which items were our hot sellers, restock shelves, and determine how much inventory we need on-hand to make it between deliveries.  We have called in special deliveries to fill in some gaps of hot sellers (who bought all the eggs??). We also used almost as much bread flour in 3 days (300 lbs) as the previous 3 weeks (350 lbs)... While we wait for deliveries, there are still TONS of great products that we would love for you to sample the next time you are in the market!

Thank you for your support, suggestions, and feedback!  We love doing this, and look forward to sharing more great foods with you.

To good eating!


bread baker, grandson of ted

teds market