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Royville OctoBEER Fest

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Royville OctoBEER Fest

from 25.00

We are kicking off Halloween season with our first ever OctoBEER Fest!  

Right now, we are finalizing the details of the festivities, but there are a few things we know.

1) We will have beer.

2) There will be a standard admission ticket, and a cellar club.  The cellar club gets all the benefits of the standard admission, but also gets access to our private collection of bombers and unique beers, which we will be opening throughout the event.

3) The event will run from 3pm-7pm.  It is 21+ only, and all parties in the beer tent must have an admission.  We will start checking tickets and letting people into the tent area 30 minutes prior to the first tapping:

4) We will have beer!  We have 10 awesome breweries lined up to join us for the fest.  Each will have 2-3 unique beers available.  

5) You will get beer!  Each participant is going to get a plenitude of beers from each of the vendors.  There will be additional beer tickets available for purchase, but we would be amazed if you needed them...plus we will have full pours available inside for anyone needing more even beer!

6) We will have a big top.  It would be poor planning to not have a tent ready for inclement weather.  

7) There will be food.  Affine and Bravas will be serving food from 3-7pm for attendees (separate purchase).

8) Did we mention beer?  There will be more beer inside! For those that want to see what the beer hall has, we will have some specials on unique tap beers inside.

We know the breweries - and will be posting more as we learn what beers are coming...so check back often. (also watch facebook, Instagram, etc).

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