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Food Truck Thursdays! ($100 Deposit)

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Food Truck Thursdays! ($100 Deposit)


To reserve your dates, please complete the attached form.  We will only have 6 trucks per week, 5 "savory" options and 1 "sweet" (All dates have a been booked, except June 22.  We have 1 space available for that day.)

The event will be every Thursday from May 4-Sept 28.  Setup can begin at 3pm, with "doors" officially opening at 5pm (though you may begin to serve up to 30 min early, if you are ready).  The event will continue until 9pm.  

We are asking that trucks not sell drinks during this event.  However, we will close our kitchen for the evening, only offering our late night snack menu.

The parking fee is $55 per week, with a $100 deposit due at sign up (like now).  Once all dates are filled, we will send out invoices for the dates selected.  You will have an option to pay in advance (10% discount), or pay as you go.  The $100 deposit will be returned following your last date of attendance (assuming it all went smooth*).

NOTE - We will be editing the sign up form as dates fill up.  We will give priority to the first 5 forms that arrive (based on the time stamp from our website).  IF you somehow manage to select a date that is unavailable, we will reach out to ask if you want another date, or to be listed as an alternate for that date.  

Contact info@teds-market.com with any questions.  However - we will not accept reservations from this email.

* Based on the success of last year, we do not anticipate issues, but we will hold the deposit to ensure that we are covered in the event of, but not limited to, any of the following: 1) excessive mess, 2) possible property damage, 3) excessive wear/tear of property 4) missed payment 5) breach of parking terms/agreement, etc.  

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