JUNE 27: 6-9pm

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We’re getting the band together…

On THURSDAY, June 27, the entire HUBIE ASHCRAFT BAND will be playing FOOD TRUCK THURSDAY! We are closing our main parking lot for the night, to make space for the crowd. But that means we need to have alternate parking. Please see the links below for more details on the night, the food trucks, and the parking plan. We also have lots of other FAQs for people who have never been to a Food Truck Thursday before:

PROPERTY MAP: See an overview map for June 27th here.

BUY A VIP PARKING PASS: We will have 24 spaces in our main parking lot for VIP Parking. Use this link to reserve your spot, and we will send you a hang tag (or pick up at teds the week of the event).

PARK IN OUR BACK LOTS: We will have limited parking in our back lots. These are $10/car and are first come. These lots will open beginning at 3pm.

PARK AT MAPLE CREEK ELEMENTARY: We have additional free parking at MAPLE CREEK Elementary, with a trolley shuttle running regular routes between there and teds lot, starting at approximately 4pm and running until 10pm.

Safe Transit: As we do each Thursday, we will have members of our staff as well as Fort Wayne Police on hand to help ensure the safe transit of all persons. These persons are here for safety of all attendees, and we ask that you please respect and abide by their requests, to ensure that we maintain free access, including for any potential emergency vehicles, should a need arise.

Handicap Access: We will have a limit number of parking spaces reserved in our main parking lot for persons with valid handicap stickers. Our facilities are handicap accessible via ramps to the beerhall and to the wine bar.

Seating: We provide a number of seating options on Thursday nights. In addition to outside seating, families with minors are welcome in the beerhall, and adults 21 or over may enjoy the wine bar. Guests wanting to sit outside are encouraged to bring their own chairs and blankets, as we are not able to provide seats for everyone.

All Ages: Food Truck Thursday is an all-ages event. Persons under 21 are welcome in the beerhall. We ask that kids refrain from using the wine bar, as it is a 21+ space. Parents are responsible for the kids, and we ask that you keep a close eye every Thursday, but this one, especially, given the expected crowd size.

Pet Friendly: The outside area of teds is pet friendly. However, we expect this night to be a very full crowd, so we ask that you kindly consider leaving your pets at home. Any pets not behaving will be asked to leave (with their caretaker). Owners are responsible for the actions of their pets.


We will make every effort to maximize the number of guests that can attend the event. However, should conditions occur where we have to limit access, or should crowd sizes be larger than anticipated, we may be required to limit access to the property and/or the event. This will be at the discretion of teds management, to ensure the safety and enjoyment of those guests within our facilities.


We will make every effort to host the event on June 27th. However, due to weather or other conditions that would make it otherwise unsafe or untenable to host the event, we will inform everyone of any changes as soon as they become known, via our facebook page. We will also try to update the website with any changes.

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